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The Valerie Project
The Valerie Project began with a special girl named Valerie, who was born with cerebral palsy. By age nine, Valerie was dying from malnutrition due to the severity of her disability and her inability to take in adequate nutrients. Living in poverty and faced with the reality that she could not provide for her daughter, Valerie’s mother had given up hope. 

Carrie met Valerie for the first time on March 16, 2006 in indescribable conditions and in that moment she had to make a decision, was she going to turn and walk away as so many others had? The answer was clear and she began the fight to help save the life of the child whose big brown eyes called out to her for help.

Carrie’s Heart worked with local organizations and social services agencies in Mexico to bring young Valerie and her mother to Houston for surgery, literally saving her life. Carrie’s Heart continued to work with Valerie and her family upon her return to Mexico.  The changes in Valerie and her quality of life were amazing.

Valerie passed away on October 5th, 2008.  In the years that Valerie was with us and in her passing she taught us many valuable lessons that guide our work with our families.  Most importantly Valerie taught us that children are children.  All children need to experience the joy of a birthday party, a trip to the beach and blowing bubbles.  She taught us that in the end what are most important in life are relationships and positive experiences.  As we continue to provide our children with the resources needed for their care we now know that the JOY, LOVE and HOPE that we bring into the lives of our children and their families is invaluable.

Valerie was placed in our path for a reason.  She opened our eyes to a world of need beyond that which we could have imagined.  The children of the Valerie Project are now being placed in your path…what is your heart leading you to do?

Sadly, Valerie’s story is not unique.

After experiencing encouraging results and realizing the overwhelming need of children like Valerie, Carrie’s Heart launched the Valerie Project to provide ongoing care and in home support to children with disabilities in the Yucatan living at or below the poverty level.

Valerie Project sponsorship covers the base medical, nutritional and personal care needs of our children.  Sponsored children also receive in home physical therapy.  The cost of sponsorship of a child varies dependent on each child’s individual needs and family circumstances.  Interested sponsors can work directly with Carrie’s Heart to set up a one time or monthly pledge toward the sponsorship costs of one of our children. 

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