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Local Projects
In 2012, Carrie's Heart accomplished one of the primary long-term goals for our children and their families in the Yucatan - we opened two centers: "Casita Corazon Cozumel" and "Casita Corazon Carrillo Puerto"! Parents bring their children to these centers for their therapies, opportunities for sensory activities, and socialization. Families are provided training, feeding and personal care supplies for their children, and a place to meet with other families.

Local and international volunteers have played a big part in facilitating the success of our casitas….teams of educators, therapists & medical professionals from the US have visited the Yucatan to share their expertise with the local Casita staff & volunteers. Visiting volunteers have painted and "beautified" the casitas. They have also helped to build equipment for the children and have made needed adaptations to the homes. Visiting volunteers also help out at the Casitas working directly with the children and their families. Volunteers bring in needed supplies & materials and help out with fun seasonal activities and parties. They also help out with organizing and supervising activities in the community at parks, swimming pools and the beach.

An essential objective of Carrie's Heart has always been to assist in providing the best life for our children, educate our parents, and form a community for our families. These objectives are being met at the Casitas.


    Carrie’s Heart was incorporated as a nonprofit in the state of Texas in June 2005. Carrie’s Heart was granted its charitable nonprofit 501(c)(3) status in December 2005.